GoLIF! is a lumbar interbody fusion system, indicated for PLIF & TLIF procedures, complete with Good to Go! sterile implants and instruments. The system is designed with a streamlined and repeatable surgical technique to help drive surgical efficiency, reduce risks and complications associated with infection and cross contamination whilst ensuring high quality clinical outcomes with brand new instrumentation for every surgery.

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GoPLF! and GoLIF! products have been certified for use in Europe (CE mark), and GoPLF! has been cleared for use by the US FDA 510(k). Please contact GetSet Surgical for further information about regulatory status in your area.

The GoLIF! cages are made from a radiolucent polymer (PEEK) with a large, open architecture for bone graft material.

GoLIF! cages have rounded edges, a self-distracting tip and serrated connection with the vertebral
endplate to resist migration and a cut-off corner to facilitate guidance and rotation of the cage.

GoLIF! cages have a unique dome shape that allows for 7-18 degrees lordosis when placed as a TLIF Oblique or PLIF position; while maintaining coronal alignment due to the neutral region in the mid-section of the cage when placed in a lateral position.

Instrument overview

3-in-1 instruments

  • Counter clock-wise rotation measures height and can further be used to hold distraction of the endplates

  • Clock-wise rotation for endplate decortication

  • Depth indicators positioned along the instrument shaft to help determine cage length

Implant overview

  • Large medial graft window with semi-open sides to contain bone graft material

  • Large surface area of the implant in contact with the endplate to avoid subsidence

Sterile handling overview

  • Transparent design allowing for visual check from sterile field

  • Efficient transfer between the non-sterile and sterile field

  • Detachable labels for efficient traceability and re-ordering process

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