• Implant overview

    The GoLIF! cages are made from a radiolucent polymer (PEEK) with a large, open architecture for bone graft material.

    GoLIF! cages have rounded edges, a self-distracting tip and serrated connection with the vertebral endplate to resist
    migration and a cut-off corner to facilitate guidance and rotation of the cage.

    GoLIF! cages have a unique dome shape that allows for 7-18 degrees lordosis when placed as a TLIF Oblique or PLIF
    position; while maintaining coronal alignment due to the neutral region in the mid-section of the cage when placed in a
    lateral position.

    • Large medial graft window with semi-open sides to contain bone graft material

    • Large surface area on distal ends to avoid subsidence

    Instrument overview

    3-in-1 instruments

    • Counter clock-wise rotation measures height and can further be used to hold distraction of the endplates

    • Clock-wise rotation for endplate decortication

    • Depth indicators positioned along the instrument shaft to help determine cage length

    Cage inserter

    • Low profile design for improved visibility

    • Insert and re-align cage to a more anterior position

    Sterile handling overview

    • Transparent design allowing for visual check from sterile field

    • Efficient transfer between the non-sterile and sterile field

    • Detachable labels for efficient traceability and re-ordering process

    In the non-sterile field

    Transfer into the sterile field

    In the sterile field

    Good to Go!