Implant overview

The GoPLF! system focuses on achieving a high-quality stabilization, using pre-sterile, Good to Go! implants.

  • Unique design features incorporated into the screw head enables a solid one-step loading process and a click-in,
    self-holding rod feature to temporarily secure the rod in place

  • Dual core shank, with a double lead thread for fast insertion and a partially bead blasted, roughened titanium shank

  • Break-off set screws have a squared thread design to minimize cross-threading with a single-step final tightening process

Instrument overview

The GoPLF! system focuses on achieving a high-quality fusion, using pre-sterile, Good to Go! instrumentation.

  • Both screwdrivers can engage with all implants, which means either GoPLF! screwdriver can be used during the surgery

  • One-way ratchet screwdriver for insertion with no assembly required and no incorrect ratchet direction

  • A secondary T-handle screwdriver is also provided for screw back out and removal

  • Unique T25 and ball feature on screwdrivers fits into self-holding feature of screw, allowing for a simple one-step loading
    process, low toggle and high torque attributes

  • Speedbump on screwdrivers to self-center them in counter torque and rod reducer

No touch sterile packaging

  • Transparent design allowing for visual check from sterile field

  • Efficient transfer between the non-sterile and sterile field

  • Detachable labels for efficient traceability and re-ordering process

Good to Go!